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Mobile Treatment Service Charges

Treatments within a 10 miles radius of Kingston upon Thames are free.
Treatments outside this radius – £0.45 per mile, to and from your location will be added to your treatment price.
If free parking is not available, the cost of parking will be added to your treatment price.
Late Night Treatments
If your treatment is after 8pm, a standard £10 late night working charge will be added to your treatment price.
To view a map of all the areas covered, please Click Here.
Cancellation Charges 
Cancellation of a treatment 12 hours or less (on the day) is charged at 100% of the session cost.
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Argan Oil

heather flynn argan oil
Order Heather’s Exclusive Arabian Gold Pure Argan Oil – £20
To order a new bottle of Argan Oil via email, please Click Here
Alternatively, call on 07946 184 267 to place your order.
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Massage & Body Treatments

Air Head

An Indian head / pressure point massage. Working from the shoulders up to the neck, scalp and face this treatment will ensure you leave on a high. Focusing on the pressure points and using deep-tissue techniques your stresses will melt away and you’ll leave on cloud nine.

30 mins: £30

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Baby Shower

A unique massage designed for all you mummy-to-be’s. A pamper session that helps to melt mummy’s tight muscles away whilst boosting circulation to slackened areas and deflate aching swollen ankles.

1 Hour and 15 mins: £75

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Body Blitz

An intense mini-treatment that focuses on any area of the body that you request. Lie back and relax as you receive a quick-fix blitz!

30 mins: £30

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Body M.O.T

Your body is a machine. It needs regular maintenance in order to function properly. This is the ultimate body overhaul – sculpted individually to your own personal needs you’ll receive a full body-massage with extra attention paid to any problem areas.

1 hour: £60  |  1 hour and 15 mins: £75  |  1 hour and 30 mins: £85

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A deep-tissue massage which focuses on the back. Using heated ointments this treatment soothes the boulders outta those shoulders and works to iron out the stresses of work and everyday life.

45 mins: £45

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The ideal ‘hangover cure’ for you 24 hour party people or for those generally feeling run down; a blend of detoxifying essential oils specifically designed as the perfect ‘pick-me-up’ and full body wrap to ensure you sweat out all those toxins from the night before. Add to that an hour’s body massage to relieve those aching muscles, you’ll be raring to go again!

1 hour and 20 mins: £80

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Full Body Scrub

An intense and thorough body exfoliation to slough off dead skin cells to get rid of those lizard legs, to reveal luscious legs!

An ideal treatment before a holiday to ensure even tanning or as a maintenance treatment throughout the year to keeping skin glowing and to optimise your moisturiser.

1 hour: £50

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Waxing Lyrical

Re-balance your equilibrium with the ancient technique of Hopi ear candling.

Essential oil infused candles are placed in the ear and lit to clear blockages in the ear, nose and throat. Added to that is a lymphatic drainage massage, to drain away any nasty’s lurking in your sinuses. You will definitely be ‘Waxing Lyrical’ about this treatment.

Up to 40 mins: £35

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Why not add cupping therapy to any of the above massages for an additional £10.

Cupping therapy is form of Chinese medicine where cups are placed on the skin (either by using heat or a suction cup) to create a suction in which to encourage blood flow in stagnant areas, loosen tight muscles, detoxify muscles and create space between joints where tight muscles may be restricting movement.

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Corporate Massage

On-site Massage is another unique service offered by Heather; after studying and completing courses in Indian Head Massage and on-site massage, Heather wanted to be able to offer clients the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the treatments without them having to visit a spa or similar environment.

The treatment of Indian head massage, acupressure and deep tissue moves make the on-site massage a truly enjoyable and beneficial experience for any employee. As well as providing workstation assessment and postural advice Heather can provide practical solutions in prevention of back pain and repetitive strain injuries(RSI).

On-site massage can help to:

Reduce staff absence due to stress, thus save your company money Boost motivation and morale at work

Raise awareness of stress management, posture correction, and other health issues to create a healthier working environment

Relieve back, neck and shoulder pain, stress and tension, RSI, fatigue, headaches and eye strain

Increase productivity, sales and overall efficiency of your workforce

Provide cost effective health benefits

Treatments range in length of time, and can be from between 10 and 60 minutes. Prices start from as little as £10 per person.

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Reflexology Treatments

What is it?

Reflexology is an ancient system of healing based upon the principle that from pressing on specific points or ‘reflexes’ on the feet these reflexes correlate to other parts of the body.

Organs, glands and systems can be stimulated via the thousands of nerves in each foot, so when the reflexes are pressed upon the signal or energy travels along the nerve to the specific part of the body that reflex represents.

How can it help?

Reflexology is not only deeply relaxing it can also help improve imbalances in the body and restore the body’s equilibrium.

Although reflexologists do not claim to cure or diagnose it has been noted that reflexology can help with:


Digestive problems

Spinal/back issues

Sinus issues/headaches


Irregular periods and hormonal imbalances

Infertility (both men and women)


Pregnancy & Fertility Reflexology

Reflexology can help maintain your body at its optimum condition for conceiving and help prepare you for fertility treatments. It can also give you the much needed mental support by de-stressing you and your partner, giving you the strength and positivity for the best possible chance of succeeding.

Many midwives recommend reflexology as they found it can help with: digestives problems, fluid retention, morning sickness and back issues. It is also a great method to use if you are overdue to help stimulate blood flow and energy to those vital areas.

Reflexology can also be used post natal to help the body heal.

Cloud 9

A reflexology treatment to help realign any internal issues that massage just can’t reach. Pressure points are stimulated and feet are massaged until you are walking on Cloud 9.

A toe-tally great treatment!

30 mins: £30 | 45 mins: £45 | 1 hour: £55

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Natural Facelift Massage

The Youth of Today: Natural Face Lift Massage

An anti-aging facial massage treatment that uses specially adapted lifting and rolling techniques to lift the facial muscles.

Feet, shoulders and neck are massaged first to completely relax you before a more energising facial massage is performed.

Instant results are seen but for lasting results a course of treatments is recommened.

Products can be added to this treatment but an an additional cost.

Please get in touch to discuss further.

Heather’s exclusive Argan Oil used in the Natural Facelift Massage is available to buy – please see details below.

1 hour and 15 mins: £75

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heather flynn argan oil
Heather’s Exclusive Arabian Gold Pure Argan Oil is used for this – £20
To order a new bottle of Argan Oil via email, please Click Here
Alternatively, call on 07946 184 267 to place your order.
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Reiki Healing

Reiki is energy healing and is done by the laying on of hands. This allows energy to flow from the source (the energy that is all around us from the universe), through the practitioner and into the recipient. This process will release any blockages or imbalances in the recipients body(at all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) As the chakras become balanced one can experience a state of well-being, wholeness and inner peace.

1 hour: £50

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(For all skin types: Oily, dry and normal)

A classic facial of cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and a skin specific mask. An ideal up-keep facial.

1 hour: £60

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Fashion Fix

A quick fix facial to brighten the face before or after a big event. A thorough cleanse and gentle glycolic wipe around will reveal a fresher face, then an uplifting facial massage with vitamins followed by an oxygen mask will give you a catwalk glow, so you’re ready go!

30 mins: £45

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REN Facials


REN is a pure but performance driven skincare brand. Their facials are as much about the clients skin as it is about the clients whole well being.

A REN facial will rebalance and nourish skin and the deep facial massage will relax and uplift facial tension.

So, if you want something truly indulgent but yet holistic with great results, this is the facial for you.

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REN Ultimate Radiance Facial

An advanced anti-ageing facial incorporating only the best plant based anti-ageing ingredients with advanced massage techniques to visibly sculpt and tone the face.

The Ultimate Radiance facial incorporates zen shiatsu techniques which leaves skin luminous and the client with a total sense of well-being.

Suitable for all skin types especially dull, sallow and pigmented skin.

75 mins: £75

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REN Skin As It Should Be Facial

Truly pampering experience where the facial is tailored to individual needs.

Whether skin needs rebalancing, re-nourishing or decongesting, this treatment will encourage healthy skin metabolism and self-repair, leaving your complexion clean and radiant.

Suitable for all skin types including problematic/breakout skin.

60 mins: £65

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REN Express Facial

This can be used as a quick fix facial for those that are time poor or as a follow up treatment from any of the longer REN facials.

Skin is left energized, hydrated and firmer.

30 mins: £45

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REN Radiant Eyes Facial

A fantastic eye treatment specifically designed to banish puffiness and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Using advanced REN products to firm and smooth your eye area as well as various massage techniques to lift the area, you’ll be left with bright eyes.

30 mins: £35

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Facial Waxing and Tinting

If you need de-fuzzing, then the following waxing treatments will be sure to leave you smooth and fuzz free!

As facial areas are more sensitive, hot wax is used. A layer of oil is applied first so this state of the art wax shrink wraps around the hair and not your skin, making the waxing experience a more pain-free experience!


Eyebrows – £15  |  Lip – £10  |  Chin – £10

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(If you have not had tinting before a patch test will be required up to 48 hours before)

Brows – £10 | Eyelashes – £15 | Brows and Eyelashes – £23

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Fake Bake Tan Quick Fix

Hide a mulitude of sins with a Fake Bake tan. Come prepared with loose dark clothing, thoroughly exfoliated skin and shave or wax 24 hours before. This is a manual application and should take no longer than 20 mins.

Fake Bake Quick Fix Tan: £25

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Total Tanning Treatment

For those who don’t have the time to prepare their skin before the spray tan, a thorough body exfoliation will be given which targets dry, scaly areas. A full-body tan will follow ensuring you leave looking like a natural bronzed beauty – please ensure you wear loose, dark clothing on the day and that you shave or wax 24 hours before.

(manual or spray tan)

Up to 75 mins: £60

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Additional and Custom Treatments

If what you need isn’t listed, a personalised treatment(s) can be created for you.
To email over your requirements, please Click Here and use the contact form.
Alternatively, please call on 07946 184 267.